Black History Matters

Doing "The Work"

"We have to talk about liberating minds as well as liberating society." - Angela Davis

Black Star Rising curates educational experiences that draw from the best of Black intellectual traditions. Our aim is to elevate the conversation and empower individuals to make a difference. 

Cultural Intelligence

Our Black history curriculum units & study sessions are designed to arm you with critical knowledge to navigate race with confidence and success. We save you time by identifying content that is innovative and inclusive. 

How We Get Free

Sharpen your cultural intelligence beyond basic awareness and towards critical conscisousness and transformative power. On this journey, we "go for broke." A bold Black history education is imperative. Re-education is preparation.

"Before the people can act, they must know." - Ida B. Wells-Barnett

Sample Lesson

Use Primary Sources to Explore "OUR"story

“It is strange, then, that the friends of truth and the promoters of freedom have not risen up against the present propaganda in the schools and crushed it.” -- Carter G. Woodson

A Few of Our Favorite Resources