Black Star Rising is a partnership between two souls dedicated to using our talents to help others soar. Dr. La TaSha Levy, a Black Studies scholar and educator, conceived of Black Star Rising as a educational hub for curriculum development, consulting and Black Studies training beyond the ivory tower. Eric Atkinson, a designer and UX researcher, envisioned anti-racist training, artistic activism and skills development. Together, they innovate learning experiences that are transformative and rooted in a quest for radical consciousness and liberation. 

The first phase of our vision includes Black history lessons, teaching units and live coaching designed to sharpen cultural intelligence and explore tools to debunk racism and cultural ignorance. Currently, our lesson plans are intended for 13-year-olds and up! The material is engaging for anyone at any level of study, however. Focused content for elementary school-aged children soon come! In subsequent phases, we will offer workshops and on-going programs.

Our resources are perfect for educators, parents, knowledge seekers, professionals and students. Be sure to scroll down on the home page to learn more about our philosophy. Check out Phase 1 of the Black History Curriculum. We have so much more in store. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay in tuned with our work. We look forward to joining you on this journey.

May the circle remain unbroken! 
TaSha & Eric

Contact us at info@blackstarrising.com.