Black Star Rising

Lesson Plan - The Politics of Education

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"Because YOU. MUST. LEARN!"
Add some excitement to your classroom or study group by dissecting this 1980s throwback by KRS-One. Young people will be charmed by the 80s style (which they now imitate, unfortunately), and some of us will be nostalgic (and deeply disappointed by KRS-One's recent politics). You can stay on message by connecting KRS-One (the so-called conscious rapper) to the recent ban on the teaching of Ethnic Studies in Arizona and conservative backlash in Texas. Let us show you how!

This lesson includes links to recent news reports, discussion/study questions, and class activities. Connect present-day controversies to parent activism in the 1960s with an excerpt from Maude White Katz's, "End Racism in Education" (published in The Black Woman: An Anthology edited by Toni Cade Bambara). This lesson is dope! Enough material for 2-4 classes.

**This lesson is a part of the teaching unit - "The Politics of Miseducation," sold separately. Buy the unit and save!