Black Star Rising

Unit 1: The Politics of Miseducation

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Why study Black history? To answer this basic question, this unit explores the work and legacy of Dr. Carter G. Woodson, also known as "The Father of Black History." In 1926, Woodson founded Negro History Week (later expanded to Black History Month) to counter commonplace distortions of African history. He insisted that the American education system - a system of miseducation as he would say - played a critical role in the perpetuation of racial oppression and mental brainwashing. How relevant are his ideas today? This unit is a provocative exploration of the politics of miseducation.

What you'll love about this unit:

    • A biographical sketch of Carter G. Woodson that highlights the value of his "informal education"
    • Study questions & activities that guide critical thinking and deep discussions
    • Lessons that challenge you to formulate your own interpretations of primary sources
    • A mix of images, music, poetry, and prose
    • Links to news articles for contemporary context
    • Excerpts from Black intellectual gems
    • More than 30 beautiful pages of engaging content

Designed for both individual study or teacher-use in the classroom. Perfect for parents and homeschoolers. (8th grade and up)

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