Black Star Rising

Lesson Plan - Carter G. Woodson & Miseducation

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Have you ever heard anyone complain about the fact that "they gave us Black History Month during the shortest month of the year?" It is important to know that no one "gave" Black people anything! Don't get it twisted! Black History Month is an expansion of "Negro History Week," founded in the 1920s by historian Carter G. Woodson. This lesson plan delves into Woodson's educational background (both informal and formal). It also explores his rationale for launching a crusade to document Black historical achievements during the height of Jim Crow segregation. 

What you'll love about this lesson:

  • A biographical sketch of Carter G. Woodson that highlights the value of his "informal education"
  • Discussion / study questions for key chapters from The Miseducation of the Negro
  • Class activities that teach students how to interpret primary sources
  • Supplemental material for further study
**This lesson plan is included in the teaching unit - "The Politics of Miseducation." Purchase the unit and save!